Cape Tribulation, Far North Queensland

This year was brought in with a spontaneous and magical trip to Cape Tribulation, Far North Queensland.

After flying into Cairns just after midnight on New Years Eve, we (my cousin Kaia, and myself) slept in, brunched at Lillypad’s (the best), then set off around midday to Cape Tribulation.

We admired the very different but connected environments of the 2-3 hour journey (in our case, 5). First the picturesque coastal drive, second, the mesmerising vastness of the sugar cane fields, followed by the mountainous climb into the heart of the Daintree rainforest, before emerging into the sleepy, rural town of Cape Trib.

The beach next to the Airbnb, Cape Tribulation
Waterhole on New Year`s Day

Retrekking the journey backwards on New Year’s Day was like seeing it for the first time again as we left near sunset and so, with a whole new light.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Kaia in Cape Tribulation, FNQ
First Dusk of 2018
Passing the endless sugar cane fields

#CapeTribulation is but a mere portion of what Far North Queensland has to offer. This place is, in my opinion, still severely underrated.


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