Borough Markets, the heart of Bridget Jones

Another reason I’ve always wanted to get to know London is because of my love for Bridget Jones.

It would have been as tragic as Bridget’s introduction to “Mr Titspervit” if I hadn’t visited her iconic apartment in Borough. What I didn’t know however, was that it was situated right in the heart of, in my opinion, London’s best food market.

Where food lovers’ dreams come true, Borough Markets

Despite the cold weather, the market radiated with it’s warm and inviting aesthetic. It took me at least two rounds to create a shortlist of what I was going to eat.

The market was divided into sections, the meat aisle, the seafood aisle, the fruit and vegetable aisle, the dessert aisle (bless), the cheese aisle (double bless), the deli aisle, and even the spice aisle.

b73b482a-9d04-4a02-ba80-616b66a87b33Each section of the market offered both fresh produce, as well as a cooked variation of it. Is there such a thing as too yummy?

Homemade soup from in season vegetables, how it should be
Food X Style

In my bid to find Bridget’s apartment, I explored the nearby streets and stumbled upon this… and another reason why I love London.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Trying not to look like a desperate Bridget fan, I took lots of photos to blend in as a basic tourist as I continued to look.

In the end I semi gave up and went to buy a brownie (coincidentally the best brownie of my life). As I walked away from the dessert aisle content with my £3 purchase, there was something oddly familiar about the view ahead… turns out Bridget’s apartment was at the heart of the markets.


After the markets, I retired back to my Airbnb true Bridget style. Something a bit like this.



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