London Town

Why? During the holiday season, I became incredibly envious of all the snaps and posts of the London winter. I had also just purchased a faux suede jacket that had no use in the Australian summer, so… I booked my ticket.

Double Decker Views
Quick snap between shops, Oxford Street

For the first couple of days, I hopped onto the tube and got off at random stops. The best way to see a place is to get lost, right? It was the more mundane parts of the city that attracted me, like the little side streets and residential areas. Getting lost within these was more exciting than seeing the major attractions swamped with tourists. In saying that, there’s a reason why people swamp these attractions.

“Buried in that place in Covent Garden”
Old Spitalfield Markets


I was lost at this point

Travelling alone, you do a lot more observing. The photos I take are more my version and perspective of London, and you’re the person I didn’t get to share the experience with at that moment.

Picadilly Circus
Generations of buses, Picadilly

Where? I stayed in a very cosy, and central #Airbnb in Islington. I am a tad obsessed with the app as it is convenient, less expensive, and connects you to the locals!

Travelling, to me, is experiencing the everyday life of another culture as much as it is exploring a new place.

View from Airbnb
Tea brewing, Islington

Taking advantage of the city’s brilliant public transport was made easy with contactless payments, and I learnt so much about London and it’s inhabitants when using The Underground. Never have I seen such vast quantities of people function so efficiently. There’s a courtesy that Londoner’s possess that I have yet to experience in other major cities.

King’s Cross Station

I have always had soft spot in my heart for England, and particularly, London. I have been there a few times now, but have fallen in love with it all over again.


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