Basic Londoner, Style X Location

My style definitely changes depending on my location. I wouldn’t even know how to describe my London looks, as I pretty much just threw on a whole bunch of layers then removed and replaced what didn’t work until I was hot and had to leave the apartment.

Classic Starbucks f/up

In saying that, I pretty much booked this trip because of a faux suede jacket so it had to be the base of my outfit on the first day.

I apologise in advance for the mirror selfies, where’s an insta husband/ anyone when you need them?

DAY 1- Jacket and Jeans, Zara; Top, Scarf and Bag, Seed Heritage; Hat, Yorkshire Markets

I’m mostly about warmth and comfort, but I can sacrifice a bit of these if I’m feeling trendy. If you know me well, my closet is comprised of a healthy balance (not dosage) of clothes and accessories from Zara and Seed Heritage.

I like the quality of their clothes and the styles are usually comfortable yet flattering. Whilst the price tag may sometimes hurt your wallet, you get your money’s worth… especially during the sales! I tend to buy a lot of basics like jeans, jumpers, t-shirts, and tops that can be dressed up or down depending on the season or event (like my first outfit, above). These are generally in neutral tones so they are more versatile (I feel like everyone probably does this). You can always add an edge to your outfit this way, like my Yorkshire hat!

I’ve been into stripes lately too. And block colours. And patterns. Especially gingham. So like I said, I don’t really have a set style.

DAY 2 – Coat and Dress, Zara; Jeans and Scarf, Seed Heritage
Boots, Giovanni

On my third day in England, I opted for a pink knitted jumper and an oversized patterned scarf so it would contrast well against the soft Cambridge hues (sad, I know).

DAY 3 – Coat and Scarf, Zara; Jeans, Seed Heritage; Boots, Giovanni

Unfortunately, it was (as an Australian might articulate) “bloody freezing” in Cambridge and thus my jacket remained firmly zipped throughout the day. So here’s another shameless mirror pic so you can see what was underneath. And yes, Zara fitting rooms are like my second home. Maybe if they didn’t make the lighting so good, I would buy less… but probably not.

Pink Pullover, Zara

This oversized scarf was one of many great purchases in London, only £9 would you believe! I love knitted/ woollen anything, especially scarves to rug up in when it’s cold. Don’t believe me?

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
My holiday stash

I didn’t take as many photos on the fourth and fifth day. Partly because it’s not good for one’s vanity and also because the sites of London were 10X more interesting. Look at my other posts and you’ll understand.

All in all, that faux suede jacket is incidentally one of my best purchases to date. Why? Because it took me here.


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