Valais, a home away from home

So here I am, in one of my favourite places in this world. The reason I trek over here at any opportune time is because, as some of you may know, this is where my dad lives along with the other half of my family… and how blessed I am to call Sierre my second home.

View of Sierre and surrounding towns from Niouc

But yes, it is a trek. Including car rides, plane time, as well as the two and a half hour train ride into the Valais canton, it’s about 30 hours door to door from my Brisbane home. But seriously, who am I to complain.

Fading light over Valais



My time in Switzerland is generally spent eating my dad’s food ​(a lot), hanging around my grandparent’s house (eating there too), and making the most of whatever season it is.

Access to one of the many ski slopes is but a 7 minute Teleferique ride away. Sore legs from skiing? Hit the thermal baths. There are about 5 in the area.

Leukerbad Thermal Baths

Surprisingly, I find myself more active when on holiday. This is mostly due to the allure of walking opposed to driving around European towns and cities. In particular, Sierre, where the sun shines at least 300 days of the year because of the way the valley is formed. The presence of the sun makes the cold winter bearable, and much more enjoyable.

This lifestyle is one I can and always get on board with. Having grown up throughout the Pacific islands and in Australia, I have formed a close bond with the ocean. However as I frequent this place more and more, I can say the same about the mountains.


There’s no doubt that the Swiss, particularly Valaisans, have mastered the art of living… and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.


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