For the love of food

If there is one thing that I am passionate about in life, it is food. I have my culinary genius of a dad to thank for this. The few weeks that I spend with him each year are orientated around discussing and eating food. Living in Switzerland, a country that prides itself on eating well, is simply a bonus.

Perks of dad working in the mountains

What is also great about Switzerland, is its centrality in Europe. The classic, “should we go to the markets in Italy this weekend?” line always catches me off guard. The same applies for, “let’s go grocery shopping in France on Saturday”. I’d be lucky to visit the West End markets in Brisbane on a typical weekend.

But the food. You can’t really explain it, but only hope to experience it in your lifetime. It’s the location of the product, the source of the ingredients, the love of the labourer, the preparation of the meal, to the time allocated to appreciate it. Better yet, what is cooked is what is in season. No preservatives, only fresh.

Taste replaces aesthetic. I took a few photos of classic winter dishes that both my dad and grandmother cooked (that I hadn’t eaten yet).

And of course, dessert.

Followed by coffee/ hot chocolate!

As my Oma says, “Quel boulot”. Bon appétit!


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