A taste of Bali

For some reason, I was never fully enticed by Bali until about a year ago I saw a film and fell in love with the rice fields in Ubud. But to my surprise, Seminyak was just as refreshing and exciting… the most part due to the company but also because of its smooth welcome to Bali as a first timer.

There is definitely a beach and ‘easy living’ vibe in Seminyak, and the Balinese are brilliant at portraying it.

The restaurants, cafes and shops are incredibly idyllic. I imagine that the individual behind each place travelled to Bali years ago and fell so in love with it that they decided to move and set up a passion project that would reflect their own culture or aspects of it. Or at least I would anyway.

Having never visited Asia properly, I’ve never fathomed how cheap it is. However, now I don’t think I can go back to paying $15-20 to dine out in Australia for incredibly average food (most of the time). No… I think I’m happy with the $3-8 average. And good food.

You know it’s good too when you literally cannot remember a shred of the entire dinner except for the fact that it was the best Nasi Goreng you have ever had… and that is definitely not the tequila talking.

Getting a good driver in Bali is really hit and miss. You can either get someone who cares very little about giving you the true Balinese experience, or someone who goes out of their way to impress you. That includes speaking ‘Australian’… which was more or less ‘G’day mate’ followed by every swear word under the sun. At least that was a little more preferable then our driver “Ugly” in Seminyak who would just miss a dog whilst driving on the basis that that same dog wasn’t good for satay. It’s little things like that that money can’t buy. He did take us to some cool places though.

Like this coffee house…

…and one of the famous Bali swings in Ubud

Just a quick taste of Ubud

There’s no doubt that we didn’t live luxuriously for a few days, a huge aspect of that being the villas that we stayed in. Once again, I LOVE Airbnb.

Pampering yourself is an absolute must in Bali, but I think everyone knows that. Just don’t spend money on a blow-out that’ll last 10-15 minutes… or do. Anything for the pic right?

I hate to be basic, but I love Bali… and I will be back ✨🇲🇨


2 thoughts on “A taste of Bali

  1. Oh I love your blog. Bali is one of my favourite holiday destinations. Next visit is definitely to UBUD. Looks like you have had an amazing time there. The photos are beautiful. Thanks again for sharing. xx

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