The City that delivers

There’s no doubt that the thought of this trip stressed the hell out of me. If the only piece of solid advice I am to ever dish out is what follows, I’d be okay with that.

Do not take uni work with you on a trip, and certainly don’t expect to get it done on the plane. It’s not going to get done. It’s going to stress you out. Don’t do it.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Manhattan from the Dreamliner

In saying that, I managed to push through the guilt and stress mostly by conscious ignorance, and had an amazing couple of days in the city.

One of the perks of visiting a place more than once, especially somewhere as huge and exciting as NYC, is the ease of how you settle into the place to make the most of your time.

I love the neighbourhoods around mid-town, especially Soho, The West Village and Chelsea – and so this is where I spent my first day.

I decided to carry my laptop around to get some work done in between the sights… how deluded I was. Also, don’t be fooled by the sun. It was very cold, and Chelsea Market was the perfect refuge from the weather.

There’s always this guilt that festers when you’re ready to retire back to your airbnb in the afternoon, as opposed to committing to your ‘wanderlust’ identity. Unfortunately, neither of these were viable options. No, I was the girl that couldn’t sleep. Fortunately, in the city that never does.

I’ve stayed in Brooklyn twice now and have gotten pretty comfortable with using the subway system towards Manhattan and throughout the city.

However on the second day, I wanted to walk along the Brooklyn Bridge. Little did I know that being one of few tourists on the bridge at sunrise would unfold into serendipity, as well as some really pretty shots.

I met a solo traveller from Austria named Sonya after asking her to take a picture of me. I don’t really know how to explain the events of that day without painting what would be, according to us, the ultimate love story. But, after our “meet cute” we had breakfast in a cute restaurant near Central Park, toured around mid-town Manhattan…

…and got free tickets to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon for later that day.

Definitely the highlight of my trip so far. BRB NYC!


PS. By some miracle, I handed in my finals.



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