Fall in Ithaca

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been tucked away in Ithaca, New York looking after two little Australian terriers and the beautiful house they live in. As the first snow has well and truly fallen – here’s a post to commemorate the end of Autumn and colour in this beautiful part of the world.




Not entirely sure how to compile photos of leaves in an orderly fashion, but colour coordination rarely dissatisfies.





I’ve also never fully appreciated the significance of a leaf blower until now.





And then there’s the clean-up…


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Could watch these guys for hours, Cornell University



I have always wanted to ‘taste’ the American way of life, especially that of a small-ish town. Having grown up with a tonne of exposure to it through TV shows, movies, and more recently, social media – it does live up to expectations. All those times I thought “surely not” whilst watching any stereotypical American movie, I was mistaken. Idyllic and friendly are both understatements of this town and its people, and I’m grateful to be here.



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