Vienna by serendipity

It’s bizarre that a place can be known by, and even embrace, the English equivalent of its name – like Wien. The one that completely throws me off is Germany – or Deutschland to its natives. Maybe it’s my anglophone bias, maybe it’s the Germanophone hospitality, or maybe it’s just bizarre.

In any case, it was a relief to not have to apologise for not speaking German as the Austrians didn’t bat an eyelid before smoothly continuing the conversation in English. The regularity of bilingualism in Europe will always impress me, but that is not the point of this post. Vienna is, and for good reason.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Oh, but to be seen sipping spritzer on a terrace in Vienna.

Why Vienna? It’s a funny story. Throwing it back to late October last year, I met an Austrian girl at sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge after asking her to take a photo of me (classic). Our “meet-cute” was one of movie romances and we proceeded to spend the entire day in NYC together (read NY post for more details) before parting ways.

Having known each other for just one day, there was surprisingly little to no nerves about reuniting – and it was honestly like picking up a conversation from the day before, let alone five months ago. Vienna is a beautiful city, and it was an absolute blessing to discover its beauty with Sonya and Joy. As we said so so so many times, “prost” to travelling and the many perks it brings with it.





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