If I’m honest, I never considered Lyon. I don’t know why I didn’t choose France for exchange (that’s a lie), but now I have reason for regret. Lyon is actually the second largest city in France, and both similar and different to Paris… for good reasons.

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En noir in Lyon

I’ve always been an advocate for solo travelling, there is much to gain from it. However, I’ve also discovered how special it is to share such experiences with other people. In a way, it almost consolidates an experience as the memory lives on in more than just your own mind.

Eating is also a major component whilst experiencing cities within Europe, especially France, and dining with friends is always preferred.

The markets were the stereotype you long for. My favourite experience was walking through and listening to the different vendors greet and serve their customers, each snippet of each conversation was completely different yet just as enthusiastic as the last. The French have so much pride when it comes to food. I love it.

To my surprise (I really had no idea), Lyon is well-known for its built beauty – however, I tire easily of sightseeing. “What’s another church” is not my mentality, but anywhere that draws a crowd is not preferred. It’s the little details or the quotidien that’s of real interest, n’est ce pas?

Merci Lyon pour ces beaux souvenirs.



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