If you’re looking to escape London for a day, go to Cambridge. It’s a short train journey (just over an hour) and is a breath of fresh air, literally, after London.

Sun’s out, still cold

The architecture was stunning, the type that makes you take a step back to try and fathom the building process. It’s hard to believe how such impressive amounts of stone, although beautifully crafted, can blend so easily into the serene country that surrounds it.

King’s College, across the green
Iconic Courtyards
Majestic, King’s College


This seemingly sleepy town will fool you around lunchtime when you realise that it’s actually a functioning place of business.



This town was built for pictures
The Round Church
Ooh yes, very good

Cambridge made me envious of the students attending the University, even the stressed ones studying in Starbucks… now that’s saying something. But it’s hard to see why it wouldn’t.

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